If there’s one brand that’s known for doing collaborations, it’s BAPE.

Since entering the world in 1993, A Bathing Ape has achieved countless feats and accolades that other brands could only dream of. One way in which BAPE was able to hit the mainstream and diversify its audience was through collaborations with other brands, artists, musicians and TV shows/movies/animations.

Over the years, the Japanese-born streetwear brand has collaborated with some of the most iconic figures such as Kanye West, KAWS and Pharrell Williams, as well as global entities like Adidas, Pepsi, Nintendo and Marvel.

We’ve put together the complete list of every single BAPE collaboration in history. Although you may be able to list off many, we’re sure there will be some BAPE collabs in here that you never knew existed! If there are any we have missed, feel free to comment below and we’ll add ’em. You can also shop BAPE items here on Top Floor Gallery at very affordable prices!


1998: BAPE x Stash


1999: BAPE x Tokion 

2000: BAPE x FUTURA 

2000: BAPE x Command Z

This was an exclusive tee created for the Command Z exhibition in the Bape Gallery in Tokyo. The gallery organised by Bape founder Nigo featured work by artists Futura & Stash. These Tees were available at the exhibition along with 3 toy figures.

2001: BAPE x Medicom Toy

2001: BAPE x Pepsi  

This was a collaboration that really look the world by a storm, and allowed BAPE to expose itself to the more mainstream consumers who weren’t necessarily into fashion or streetwear. Aluminium Pepsi bottles and cans were plastered with BAPE’s “ABC Camo” in green, blue and pink. Aside from beverages, a limited edition T-shirt, Hoodie and highly sought-after reversible jacket were released. This should go down in history as one of BAPE’s greatest collabs in our




2001/2002: BAPE x KAWS 

After seeing KAWS’ work, Nigo asked the New York artist to collaborate with BAPE, releasing a very limited tee and pillow with the famous “X” motif replacing the Ape Head’s eyes. KAWS himself has also ventured out into clothing since then with his brand OriginalFake as well as collaborations with Uniqlo (click here to shop our wide range of KAWS products on Top Floor Gallery)! 

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2002: BAPE x Shawn Mortenson 

The late American photographer and photojournalist Shawn Mortenson had a number of his photos screen printed onto white BAPE tees. These include the “Bentley Tee”, “Beck Tees”, “Snoop Dogg Cadillac Tee”, and of course the iconic “Biggie Tee” featuing Biggie Smalls rocking a first camo jacket.



2002: BAPE x Hoff Dylan 

2002: BAPE x Nakata.net

Hidetoshi Nakata is a former Japanese football/soccer player who collaborated with BAPE on numerous occasions – and in fact BAPE’s first collaboration with anything or anyone sports-related. Released in 2002 was a compressed tee as seen. 

2002: BAPE x Obey

These tees were a very limited release and thus very difficult to obtain these days – especially if you’re looking for it in it’s original packaging. Each tee was shrink-wrapped with a golden material into a rectangle. Unconventional ideas like these is just one of the many reasons why people fell in love with BAPE.  

2002: BAPE x Supreme

Believe it or not, Supreme and BAPE collaborated back in 2002, releasing variants of the iconic Supreme box logo tee – the box logo filled with some sort of BAPE camo. Although we don’t see these 2 brands joining forces in the near future, we’re just glad it happend. What we’re not glad about is how hard to they are to come across. But what you may be glad about is our collection of Supreme clothing such as Box logos, tees and bags you can buy online here!

2003: BAPE x Ching-Came Magazine

2003: BAPE x Adidas

2003: BAPE x ANSWER x Vaughn Bode 

200(?): BAPE x Ticket Pia

Ticket Pia is Japan’s biggest ticket website for purchasing movie, musical, concert tickets + more. This exclusive tee was not for sale to the public, instead raffled and given to lucky winners who entered. 

2004: BAPE x Gary Panter 

Cartoonist, illustrator, painter, designer and musician Gary Panter showcased his talents on a number of pieces, from tees to down jackets. BAPE branding was minimal on this collaboration, with Panter’s cartoons being the centre of attention (as seen below).


2005: BAPE x KAWS

05 saw a number of collaborative pieces released by KAWS and BAPE, one of which that will go down in history – the AW2005 Desiccated Baby Milo Full Zip Hoodie. These hoodies were released in a variety of colours including red, baby blue, light pink and white, featuring a graphic depiction of Baby Milo’s body is a desiccated state.


2005: BAPE x Kleshas Girls 

Kleshas Girls was a Japanese group that came onto the music scene on the 8th of October 2005, before separating on the 31st of December…the same year. Despite their less than 3-month run, BAPE took Kleshas Girls on board for a collaborative release.  

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2005: BAPE x Marvel

If you know your BAPE, this collaboration needs to introduction. The Marvel Bapestas were a special kind, not only because each pair represented Marvel heros like Iron Man, Captain America and Spider-Man, but also because of the way they were packaged. Want to learn more about Bapestas?



2005: BAPE x Swarovski (Bapex)

2005: BAPE x Daft Punk 


The French duo Daft Punk create some of the most distinct and unique music, infusing elements of house with disco, rock, techno, pop…you name it, Daft Punk have probably dabbled in it. With their whole aura akin to BAPE’s philosophy and experimental nature, it was only right the two names joined to produce some heat. And that heat was a pair of Bapestas that made the list for the Top 10 most iconic Bapestas in history. 

2006: BAPE x Nakata.net Soccer Ball

2006: BAPE x N.E.R.D



Pharell Williams, a member of the Rap/hip hop/RnB trio N.E.R.D (No One Ever Really Dies) went on to create a clothing label of his own with Nigo, known as Billionaire Boys Club (as well as ICECREAM – the subsidiary label). If you’re looking to buy BBC ICECREAM clothing online at affordable prices, we’ve got a nice selection here! 

2006: BAPE x Disney (Pooh plush) 

2006: BAPE x Jacob & Co

2006: BAPE x Pharrell (Roadstas)


BAPE’s first ever shoe with an Air Bubble that resembles the iconic Nike Air Max series, was also one of Pharrell’s first collaborations with the Japanese streetwear brand. The Pharrell Roadstas were released in 3 vibrant metallic colourways, featuring Skateboard P’s head on the heel.

2006: BAPE x Carharrtt

2006: BAPE x Scarface

Released in 1983, the crime drama film Scarface is still commended today as one of the most iconic movies of its time. In 06, in collaboration with Scarface, BAPE dropped a series of tees – the Scarface spellout logo with BAPE camo, as well as a cigar-smoking Al Pacino featured on a tee. 

2007: BAPE x Marvel

2006: BAPE x Converse

2007: BAPE x Kanye West

This was Kanye’s very first sneaker collaboration release and easily make our list for the 10 most iconic Baepstas. Although these weren’t crafted from patent leather, that didn’t take away from their appeal one bit. If anything, the standard leather texture imparted a greater sense of luxury and a premiumness.

These red, brown and cream Bapestas also featured the Dropout Bear on the outer side of each pair – a colourful character featured on the cover on Kanye West’s Albums “College Drop Out” (2004) and “Late Resignation” (2005).

2007: BAPE x DC Comics

The capsule featured sweaters, Bapestas in special action figure toy-like packaging, and hoodies featuring various superheros such as Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.

2007: BAPE x 24 Hour Television 

24 Hour television is a annual fundraiser event aired on TV. For the 2007 telethon, BAPE collaborated with the event, with 2 tees being released. Although these feature the Ape Head, the neck tag is not the official BAPE tag – instead, the “24 hour television” tag is stitched. 


2007/2008: BAPE x Pzzilazres 

The Pazzilazres tee was only available for purchase through an order form included in a catalog sent to Bape Card members ~2007/8.

2008: BAPE x Disney (Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Plush)

‘Super Saiyan’ was the overarching theme of this collab, showcasing beloved characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan. And it goes without saying (or saiyan), Baby Milo makes an appearance on several of these pieces. 

2020: BAPE x Dragon Ball Z

2008: BAPE x Nintendo 

A Bathing Ape joined forced with the Japanese multinational electronics and video game company, releasing a range of apparel and even a DS Lite.

2008: BAPE x All Japan Pro Wrestling (Nigos Favorite Store exclusive)

2008: BAPE x Spongebob Squarepants

2008: BAPE x The Godfather 

2008: BAPE x G-Shock

It’s not a Swarovski studded Bapex or a bust down AP, but this one will still turn heads. With only 2000 manufactured, the DW-5600VT released in a blue colourway, with the iconic BAPE Psyche Camo on the face. 

2009: BAPE x Symbol

Symbol was a movie starring famous Japanese comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto – in celebration of this film he had both directed and starred in, BAPE released a number of Tees featuring Baby Milo and Matsumoto in his “Symbol” character.

2009: BAPE x Ambush 

2009: BAPE x Ghostbusters

This collaboration was in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Ghosbusters. 3 Bapesta colourways were released – white, black and red.

3 tops as well as a coffee mug were also released in this capsule.

2009: BAPE x Kid Cudi 

This was the Ohio artist’s first collaboration with BAPE, but it definitely wasn’t his first encounter with the brand nor Nigo, having been an employee at the BAPE store in New York. The tees featured a characterised Cudi donning a Shark Hoodie, accompanied by Baby Milo. 

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2010: BAPE x EXILE iD 

2010: BAPE x Rakuten Eagles 

2010: BAPE x CASIO G-Shock 

Two BAPE-branded G-Shock watches were released in 2010; the DW-6900 in April and GLS-5500 in November

2010: BAPE x Sanrio Characters 

2010: BAPE x Daiwa Fishing Co. 

2010: BAPE x Kid Cudi 

It’s safe to say that 2010 was a good year for Cudi – the former BAPE employee got the chance to work with Nigo and release a “Milo Party Tee” in January, and a very limited “Rager” tee to commemorate the release of his sophomore album, Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. This one was only released at BAPE NY.

2010: BAPE x Stussy 

This was the very first collaboration with the iconic surf-skate brand Stussy. Numerous drops have followed since.

2011: BAPE x BUILT 

2011: BAPE x Mastermind Japan

2011: BAPE x Harris Tweed (Bapecheck)

2011: BAPE x Original Fake 

To commemorate the 5 year anniversary of KAWS’ clothing brand “OriginalFake”, a number of pieces were released. However, this definitely wasn’t the first time the New York street artist had worked with BAPE. 

2011: BAPE x Star Wars

2011: BAPE x CASIO G-Shock

The DW-5600 decorated in red ABC Camo popped up in March while the DW-6900 featuring subtle Bape branding was released in September. You can find these floating around on online marketplaces for various prices.

2011: BAPE x Baracuta 

BAPE went wooly for this collab, releasing two jackets that represented both brands in their designs. 

2011: BAPE x Mackintosh

Nice and subtle, this collaboration kept the branding very minimal in classic Mackintosh style. The coats released during this time were consistent with BAPEs ventures at the time, as the ‘Mr. Bathing Ape’ label had been created. 

2011: BAPE x Beastie Boys

There were actually two collaborative releases with BAPE and the Beastie Boys in 2011. The first was action figures of Mike D., MCA, and Ad-Rock (only 1000 sets released). The second collaboration was a not-for-profit project, with tees sold to support victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami that occurred that year. 

2011: Billionaire Boys Club X BAPE

This collaboration was actually under the BBC label and not BAPE, in celebration of Vogue’s “Fashion’s Night Out” event. The capsule included a series of tees featuring BAPE camo and iconic BBC characters such as Cones and Bones, and the Astronaut. 

2011: BAPE x Ebbets Field Flannels

2011: BAPE x Porter

2011: BAPE x Mark McNairy

This collab featured a saddle shoe model and lightweight canvas upper presented in the classic BAPE Green 1st Camo colourway. But those who wanted a pair needed to brace themselves, as these retailed for approx. $700AUD/$510USD. 

2011: BAPE x Ebbets Field Flannels

2011: BAPE x Gizmobies (iPhone 4)

 2012: BAPE x Porter 


Established in 1962 under the Yoshida & Co. brand, Porter focuses on high quality yet functional and aesthetically appealing bags. The first BAPE and Porter collab to receive major recognition was in 2011, and due to the success and high demand, they collaborated again the following year with the “Jacquard ABC Camo” collection. But little to people know, the 2 brands had collaborated in the past (see here).  

2012: BAPE x The Rolling Stones 

In celebration of their 50th anniversary, The Rolling Stones teamed up with a series of streetwear brands including BAPE, Billionaire Boys Club (BBC), Number (N)ine, Swagger and Luker by Neighborhood.

2012: BAPE x Tokyo Disney Sea

2012: BAPE x Swarovski  

2012: BAPE x Sunpocket Sunglasses

2012: BAPE x Comme Des Garcons 

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2012: BAPE x CASIO G-Shock

2012: BAPE x Undefeated

This marked the very first year BAPE and the streetwear brand established in 2002 – Undefeated. The fall/winter collection consisted of graphic tees, sweats, and a varsity jacket alongside bandanas, New Era 59FIFTY fitted caps and Starter snapbacks, making use of A Bathing Ape’s 1ST Camo print throughout. You can even buy a tee from the 2017 collab here!

2012: BAPE x Streetfighter



2012: BAPE x Kreayshawn

2012: BAPE x Maglite 

2012: BAPE x Fred Perry (60th anniversary)

In commemoration of Fred Perry’s 60th anniversary, BAPE teamed up with the tennis sports-wear turned fashion brand, releasing a number of classic pieces, including the iconic polo shirt with both Fred Perry and A Bathing Ape branding. 

2012: BAPE x Klean Kanteen


2012: BAPE x Tricker’s

2012: BAPE x UNKWN (Lebron James)

This marks the first year that Miami-based designer, street, and lifestyle retail destination (co-founded by LeBron James, Jaron Kanfer, and Frankie Walker Jr.) cooked something up with the Japanese streetwear label. The Miami and Basketball influence is evident in the designs of these tees.

2012: BAPE x Amazon

2012: BAPE x Marvel 

2013: BAPE x Klean Kanteen

2013: BAPE x Undefeated x Adidas

2013: BAPE x Ebbets Field Flannels 

2013: BAPE x Gizmobies (iPhone 5)

2013: BAPE x Beats By Dre 

The iconic BAPE 1st Camouflage pattern decorated the outside frame of the Beats SOLO HD Headphones with the BAPE 20th anniversary logo stamped on the inside. Blast Teriyaki Boyz and tracks produced by Nigo on these badboys. 

2013: BAPE x Billionaire Boys Club 

2013: BAPE x Stussy x CASIO G-shock 

2013: BAPE x Playboy

2013: BAPE x Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion 

In 2012, after a trip to Jamaica, Snoop announced a conversion to Rastafarianism and a new alias, Snoop Lion. As Snoop Lion he released a reggae album, Reincarnated, and a documentary film of the same name, about his Jamaican experience, in early 2013. In the same year, he collaborated with BAPE, releasing a series of tees – one with the word “reincarnated” printed across the chest. 

2013: BAPE x Linkin Park 


2013: BAPE x Angry Birds 


2013: BAPE x RSVP 

2013: BAPE x A$AP FERG 

2014: BAPE x ic! Berlin 

2014: BAPE x Undefeated 


2014: BAPE x Spongebob

Although the more well-known collab between these two was back in 2008, BAPE and Spongebob came together again 6 years later. The capsule collection included a range of sweaters, tees, shorts as well as accessories, all clad in mashed up motifs from both entities.

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2014: BAPE x Coca Cola

2014: BAPE x The Simpsons

2014: BAPE x Planet of the Apes 

2014: BAPE x Peanuts

2015: BAPE x Alife 

2015: BAPE x Undefeated x Adidas Consortium 

2015: BAPE x Minions 


2015: BAPE x Puma 

The two brand blessed us in both Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer with a collection of footwear and apparel. Four sneakers featuring three of PUMA’s most popular silhouettes: the Disc Blaze, the R698, and the Blaze of Glory were adorned with BAPE branding and camo. The apparel ranged from Tees to tracksuit sets and bags

2016: BAPE x Mita Sneakers x Reebok 

2016: BAPE x Monster Strike 

2016: BAPE x JAWS

2016: BAPE x AKB48

If you live in Japan and haven’t heard of AKB48, you wouldn’t be living anywhere except under a rock. AKB48 is a Japanese idol girl group named after the Akihabara (Akiba for short) area in Tokyo, where the group’s theater is located. The group included 134 members as of December 2018, aged from their early teens to their mid-20s. And there are thousands, if not millions that go crazy over them, just as many do over BAPE. A range of tote bags, tees and jackets were released, featuring Baby Milo and popular members of the girl group.

2016: BAPE x My Melody

2016: BAPE x Kamen Rider

Kamen rider is a popular boys TV show which features superheros decked out in dope outfits and masks, fighting supervillains. Although the young demographic of Kamen Rider may not be into BAPE, those who grew up with the show in the 90s may have felt a sense of nostalgia from this collection – full zip hoodies and a range of tees were released.


2016: BAPE x CAPCOM (monster hunter)


2016: BAPE x Disney (Mickey Mouse Collection)

2016: BAPE x Felix The Cat

The animal cartoon character created in the early 1900s originated from the studio of an Australian cartoonist. Since its inception, Felix has become a ubiquitous character in modern culture, especially in Japan. This collaboration featured a cute combination of Felix and Baby Milo printed on tees, as well as a full zip BAPE “Shark” hoodie – with Felix replacing the Shark. 




2016: BAPE x Undefeated

These two heavyweights in the streetwear game have released joint collections annually since 2016. 



2016: BAPE x SKE48

Similar to AKB48, SKE48 is a Japanese idol girl group, but named after the Sakae disctrict in Nagoya, whereas AKB48 is Akihabara. A number of tees were released as part of this BAPE collab, featuring main SKE48 idol girls and Baby Milo – an adorable capsule for sure. 



2016: BAPE x Transformers

Along with a range of tees, BAPE released a new limited edition Tranformers MP CONVOY in the Black Camo version. Optimus Prime is decked out in luxe black BAPE Camo rather than the traditional red and blue. The figure was only able to be purchased through a raffle, making this piece a sought after one for BAPE to Transformers collectors alike. A green and red version were also released.

2016: BAPE x KITH

Since coming onto the scene in 2011, KITH has made some major moves. In celebration of its fith year, the New York-based lifestyle brand came together with A Bathing Ape, creating an assortment of apparel, accessories and the iconic Bapestas. The Ronnie Fieg Bapestas were handcrafted in Portugal using premium Italian materials. To top it all off, New York hip hop artist Joey Badass modelled in the lookbook for the collaboration. 

2016: BAPE x Alpha Industries

2016: BAPE x Godzilla

Leading up to the Godzilla Resurgence movie released in the Summer of 2016, A Bathing Ape dropped a collaborative collection that launched on the film’s release date. Godzilla graphics were combined with the iconic BAPE college and Ape Head logo on a series of tees.  

2016: BAPE x Futura 

2016: BAPE x Adam Lister 

The “8 Bit” Tee collection by A Bathing Ape and Adam Lister was released in October, featuring a number of tees incorporating the New York’s artists iconic style. Lister’s work is “heavily influenced by mathematics, minimalism and pop culture”. 

2016: BAPE x Bearbrick (100%, 400%, 1000%)


A retro-inspired collection dropped in 2016 with gaming icon CAPCOM. Classic games including Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Mega Man made appearances on a limited edition collection of tote bags and tees. 

2016: BAPE x Dragon Ball 

2017: BAPE x One piece

Following on from collaborations with Bounty Hunter, Champion, Dover Street Market, Undefeated, Helinox and Porter earlier in the year, BAPE teamed up with the iconic Japanese manga/anime One Piece. Both One Piece and A Bathing Ape were born in the 90s, and are still going strong to this day.  

2017: BAPE x Anti Social Social Club 

This drop with ASSC  was only available at the BAPE NYC store, with limited quantities. 

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2017: BAPE x Alpha industries 

After the successful collab in 2016, the two brands decided to drop another capsule the following year. This time around, the iconic MA-1 and N-3B silhouettes were covered in BAPE Camo as well as the Shark motif, respectively.  

2017: BAPE x WTAPS 

2017: BAPE x Undefeated (Fall/Winter)

Like it or not, BAPE and Undefeated came together once again with a number of detailed Shark Hoodies, Tees, Sweatpants and Caps. 

2017: BAPE x Undefeated (Spring/Summer)

The SS17 collection featured lighter colours than the F/W as expected. But the details were still there, with both BAPE and Undefeated branding on the various Tees, Shark Shorts, Hoodies and caps that dropped during April. 

2017: BAPE x Betty Boop


2017: BAPE x Travis Scott 


A cartoonised Travis Scott can be seen standing next to Baby Milo. These tees were released in November as a limited run, hence the high resell value today. 

2017: BAPE x Big Sean 

Straight up. The same deal as with Travis Scott, Big Sean was also made into a character alongside Baby Milo. 

2017: BAPE x Kid Cudi

2017: BAPE x Minions 

We don’t quite know what to say nor how to feel about this one…

We’ll let you be the judge of whether this BAPE’s collab with the Despicable Me characters – Minions. The first collaborative drop was back in 2015 in celebration of the first Minions movie. This drop was for the 3rd installment. 

2017: BAPE x Pokemon 

2017: BAPE x Champion (Spring/Summer)

A staple brand like Champion hardly ever fails to impress. From the iconic Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies to sweatpants, the brand has become synonymous with comfort and quality. Although this wasn’t the first time, BAPE and Champion came together in 2017 releasing hoodies, jerseys, tees and basketball shorts. 

2017: BAPE x Champion (Fall/Winter) 

Following on from their Spring/Summer capsule earlier in the year, A Bathing Ape and Champion blessed us all again with some pieces for the colder seasons. The designs were much more conservative than the loud SS drop, featuring fleeces and green BAPE camo hoodies. 

2017: BAPE x Medicom Toy

Be@rbricks by Japanese toy company Medicom Toy are ubiquitous in streetwear culture today. So much so that many hip hop artists have Be@rbricks displayed around their homes. In 2017, BAPE teamed up with Medicom Toy, releasing 100% and 400% Be@arbricks in a green, pink and blue camo, as well as an apparel collection featuring BAPE Shark Hoodies.  

2017: BAPE x Alien 

2018: BAPE x Hattori Kun 


A seen above, A Bathing Ape has collaborated with numerous figures, TV shows, animes and brands in pop culture over the years. The ninja-themed comic “Ninja Hattori Kun” by Fujiko Fujio got a BAPE makeover during 2017, with the quintessentially Japanese anime emblazoned on hoodies and tees. 

2018: BAPE x Air Buggy 


Decorated in BAPE’s signature ABC camo, Air Buggy and A Bathing Ape released baby strollers in 3 different colourways. Why not start ’em young?

2018: BAPE x Jurassic World 

In commemoration of  “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”, various items were made available including hoodies, long sleeves, crewnecks, tees featuring BAPE camo, Baby Milo, Dinosaurs and more. 

2018: BAPE x Detective Conan

2018: BAPE x Anti Social Social Club 


Shortly after a teaser on Instagram, BAPE and Anti Social Social Club (ASSC) came through with a collaboration in celebration of BAPE’s new LA Flagship store. Featuring a loud camo colourway, and heavy ASSC branding, this drop was not for the minimalists. Scroll to see all the pieces released.

2018: BAPE x Undefeated 


2018: BAPE x Undefeated (Shanghai store opening) 

2018: BAPE x CASIO G-Shock (25th anniversary)

To celebrate BAPE’s 25th anniversary, an exclusive camo-ed out G Shock was created, taking design cues from the GA-110 model. This time piece was made available to all BAPE locations on the 6th of October. 

2018: BAPE x Undefeated x Timberland

Fans were blessed with a triad in 2018 from 3 heavyweights in the streetwear game. The timeless 6-Inch Timberland boots featured a BAPE 1st camo debossed upper and a triple-branded woven tongue label. 

2018: BAPE x Keith Haring

5 years on from the first collab, Spring/Summer 2018 saw another drop from the 2 entities. From MA-1 Flight jackets to Camo-print tees with Haring’s iconic artwork, this drop was a nice one indeed.

2018: BAPE x Neighborhood x Adidas

The standout of this triple collaboration for many was the NHBAPE NMD STLT – each bearing stylised co-branding and camo accents. Shark hoodies, as well as denim jackets and tees were also a part of this collection. 

2018: BAPE x Naruto (Boruto)


HYPEFEST was a streetwear convention held from October 6-7 in 2018. Brand including Undercover, Places + Faces, C.P Company and G-Shock held booths were items could be purchased. BAPE came together with the event to create Ape Head tees with a speechbubbled “Hypefest” spellout. 

2018: BAPE x Montblanc

The “Meisterstück” pen by German luxury goods brand Montblanc was the sole item of this collab. Crafted with care in Kyoto and assembled at Montblanc’s workshop in Germany, it’s a fine piece indeed. Unfortunately, it was not for sale, as it was designed for BAPE’s 25th anniversary. Maybe one of these days it will be available here on Top Floor Gallery…

2018: BAPE x Dr Martens (BAPE XXV)

2018: BAPE x Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds


2018: BAPE x Ready Made x Medicom Toy (Bearbrick)

2018: BAPE x EA Sports

This was a colourful collaboration to say the least. The Shark hoodies released featured a colourblock design – teal, red, light blue and purple. Odd? Sort of. Fire? We’ll let you be the judge.  

2018: BAPE x Adidas (Snowboarding)

2018: BAPE x Bell & Ross

BAPE celebrated its 25th anniversary with a Bell & Ross watch collaboration. B&R’s strong military identity is consistent with the Japanese streetwear brand’s emblematic camouflage theme. BAPE also tied up with over 30 major brands for its XXV anniversary collection. 

2018: BAPE x Nanoblock 

2018: BAPE x XO

The Weeknd’s record label XO came together with BAPE for a multi-product capsule. From a custom developed XO BAPE camo pattern selection of tees, hoodies, sweatpants and work jackets were extremely limited – hence the resell value.  

2018: BAPE x Popeye

2018: BAPE x Wilson

Although this combination of brands may seem strange at first, when you think about all the collaborations BAPE has been involved in, it’s barely a surprise. British skateboard brand Palace even collaborated with Adidas for a Wimbledon capsule, while NYC-born Supreme released a pack of 3 own-branded tennis balls.

2018: BAPE x Swarovski

2018: BAPE x Mitchell and Ness


2018: BAPE x Paris Saint Germain (PSG)

French Football club Paris Saint Germain (PSG) decided to take its apparel to the next level, collaborating with another brand with just as much of a cult-following. Consisting of numerous classics, the collection was decked out in PSG’s emblematic red, white and blue colour scheme. 

2018: BAPE x Hebru Brantely

2018: BAPE x Be@rbrick

As well as Tees, loud Be@rbrick shark hoodies were also released.

2018: BAPE x Hebru Brantely x Medicom Toy x Social Status

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, a quad-collab hit the market. These 1000% Be@rbricks retailed for $719USD. 

2018: BAPE x Medicom Toy (25th anniversary) 

2018: BAPE x Porter

The 2 Japanese brands did it again, but this time adding another dimension to the mix – glow in the dark camo. 

2018: BAPE x Ralph Breaks The Internet

This wasn’t the first (nor last) time BAPE collaborated with Disney. Ralph Breaks The Internet was a such a successful film to the point where it attracted the attention of BAPE – shark hoodies, tees + more apparel was released, with characters from both worlds being featured. 

2018: BAPE x Neighbourhood Hoods 

2019: BAPE x Mastermind Japan (SS19)

2019: BAPE x Adidas (Ultraboost)

2019: BAPE x Off White (??)


During the 2019 Paris Fashion Week, Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White and artistic director of Louis Vuitton since 2018, was spotted rocking what looked to be a pair of Off-White Bapestas. These were later confirmed to be unofficial

2019: BAPE x Seiko

2019: BAPE x Modernica


The LA-based furniture manufacturer’s famous Fiber Shell Chair and side table was made use of by BAPE, covered in the iconic ABC camo – both the classic and in a LA-vibe multicolour. 

 2019: BAPE x Mastermind Japan (Hong Kong Exclusive)

2019: BAPE x DC Comics



2019: BAPE x Neighbourhood x Adidas 


2019: BAPE x Mastermind Japan (Summer capsule)

2019: BAPE x Neighbourhood 


2019: BAPE x Suicoke

The mysterious Japanese brand specialising in functional outdoor footwear received a BAPE-makeover in 2019, with the DAO and MOTO-2 sandals decked out in the iconic camo. 

2019: BAPE x Porter 

2019: BAPE x Montblanc

The luxury watch, leather, and writing instrument purveyor Montblanc teamed up with BAPE once again, this time releasing more than just a pen. The four-piece capsule included a Doc Case, Wallet, Pen Pouch and Portfolio decorated in BAPE’s 1st Camo motif. 

2019: BAPE x SUPER By Retrosuperfuture


2019: BAPE x Medicom Toy 


2019: BAPE x ic! Berlin

The German brand Ice Berlin got a chance to showcase its eyewear craftsmanship to a wider audience. Two shades were released – an optical frame and regular sunglasses. 

2019: BAPE x The Peninsula Boutique 

2019: BAPE x Mastermind Japan 

2019: BAPE x Mitchell & Ness (MLB)

2019: BAPE x Wiz Khalifa


2019: BAPE x J Balvin


2019: BAPE x UGG 


2019: BAPE x PUBG 


2019: BAPE x ARENA Swimwear


2019: BAPE x Raiders 


2019: BAPE x Ghostbusters (35th anniversary)

2019: BAPE x Lil Yachty (include video)

2019: BAPE x Swatch 

2019: BAPE x Adidas 

2019: BAPE x Mitchell and Ness


2019: BAPE x Formula 1 (1st drop)

2019: BAPE x Formula 1 (2nd drop)

2019: BAPE x Barbie

2019: BAPE x Sesame Street 


2019: BAPE x MCM 


2019: BAPE x F.C. Real Bristol


2020: BAPE x J Balvin

2020: BAPE x COACH

The American luxury fashion company decided to dip its feet into the world of streetwear in 2020. This is a theme we’re seeing more often in recent years – high-end labels broadening its horizons (e.g. Louis Vuitton x Supreme). This collaboration had its fans and its critics, but was successful nonetheless. From down jackets to bags and Bapestas, both Coach and BAPE branding permeated these pieces. 

2020: BAPE x Mastermind Japan

2020: BAPE x Medicom Toy

2020: BAPE x Star Wars: The Madalorian

2020: BAPE x Levi’s

The standout of this triple collaboration for many was the NHBAPE NMD STLT – each bearing stylised co-branding and camo accents. Shark hoodies, as well as denim jackets and tees were also a part of this collection. 

2020: BAPE x Pingu

There have been many questionable collaborations by A Bathing Ape. Is this one of them? For those who love the British-Swiss claymation TV show Pingu, this collaboration may be a nostalgic moment. But for others, it may just seem like any other collaboration with not too much going on. The capsule featured hoodies, crewnecks, and tees. 

2020: BAPE x Comme des Garcons

In celebration of the BAPE CDG Osaka retail concept store which opened its doors in April, the two heavyweights released a selection of co-branded items, including a ABC camo full zip hoodie, tees, sophisticated button up shirts typical of Comme Des Garcons, and more. 

2020: BAPE x Dragon Ball Z

‘Super Saiyan’ was the overarching theme of this collab, showcasing beloved characters such as Goku, Vegeta, Trunks and Gohan. And it goes without saying (or saiyan), Baby Milo makes an appearance on several of these pieces. 

2020: BAPE x Garfield

First making his debut in 1978, and now arguably the world’s most popular cat, Garfield has built up quite the reputation. A Bathing Ape got in touch with this family favourite to produce a limited run of tees, hoodies, caps and bags adorned with Baby Milo and the famous orange cat. 

2020: BAPE x Medicom Toy 

Monochromatic Mickey Mouse BE@RBRICKS in 1000%, 400% and 100%

The German brand Ice Berlin got a chance to showcase its eyewear craftsmanship to a wider audience. Two shades were released – an optical frame and regular sunglasses. 

2020: BAPE x Coca Cola

This marked the second official collaboration between the soft-drink brand Coke and Bape. Dropped in October, the capsule comprised of accessories, apparel, co-branded Coca Cola bottles and even the iconic Bapestas. Which collab takes the cake? 2020 or 2014?

2020: BAPE x Swatch 

Following on from last year's successful collaboration, Swatch and Bape came together again - this time consisting of 3 models featuring multicoloured straps and a retail price of $150USD / $200AUD. 

2020: BAPE x Clarks Originals

Known for their quality shoes, Clarks have forever been a household name. Collaborating with a streetwear brand such as Bape would have been out of the question for Clarks 20 years ago, but fast forward to 2020 and we have one. The Wallabees and Desert Boots were released in 2 different colourways. 

2020: BAPE x Anti Social Social Club

I think the general consensus on ASSC is pretty clear at this point - so we won't speak much on it. Regardless of what your thoughts are on the brand, Bape decided to join forces with them for the third time. If you're all about loud branding , this collection is for you. 

2020: Bape x October's Very Own (OVO)

Drake's record label expanded into the clothing retail scene over a decade ago, and hasn't looked back since. The quality clothing manufactured in Canada featuring the iconic OVO Owl logo has stolen the hearts of not only Drake heart-throbs and Stans, but those who genuinely like the brand for its designs. The collection featured a series of co-branded tees, jackets and hoodies.  

2020: BAPE X Pokemon

The adored Pokemon franchise was envisioned by Bape through the Baby Milo lens, revealing a variety of tees, hoodies, totes and keychains featuring popular Pokemon's such as Pikachu, Squirtle, Snorlax, Jigglypuff and more. 

2021: BAPE X DC Comics 

Despite COVID still having a grip on the world, 2021 started off with a bang for A Bathing Ape, teaming up with DC Comics for the third time. Collaborative pieces included a Batman full zip hoodie, Superman pullover hoodie, Bapestas, tees and long sleeves. 

2021: BAPE X Big Sean

A Bathing Ape and Grammy nominated, platinum recording artist, Big Sean came together again to celebrate the album "Detroit 2". The collab featured just two tees, both with Bean Sean illustrated in Baby Milo-style. 

2021: BAPE x Kid Cudi

February marked Bape's biggest-ever artist collaboration, releasing a total of 20 pieces. As mentioned earlier, Kid Cudi's relationship with A Bathing Ape dates right back to the early-mid 2000s, when he was an employee at the New York store. The loud collection featured graphic tees as well as the iconic shark hoodies. 

2021: BAPE X Gunna

Another artist collab hit the shelves and online - this time with US rapper Gunna. Hits like "Drip too hard" and "Ski" sky-rocked Gunna to the top of the hip-hop industry. His presence and popularity landed him an opportunity to create the GUNNA BAPESTA. Designed in patent leather with black/green colouring and the "SLATT" logo placed on the heel. A tee was also released, featuring a dripping college logo. 


A Bathing Ape partnered up with Brooklyn based NY Legendary Graffiti Artist, STASH to released a special Bapesta. The relationship between the two dates way back to the 90s, creating some unique graphic designs. It's safe to say this isn't our most favourite collaboration by the pair, but nonetheless a clean sneaker. 

2021: BAPE X Levi's

A limited amount of this Levi's collaboration was available on February 13th exclusively at Bape stores in Miami. 


4 years on from their first collaboration, the dynamic duo worked on another collection - customers had the choice of keeping it simple with a 3-pack of tees, or really stand out with a colourful shark hoodie, shark shorts and graphic tees.

2021: BAPE X Tom and Jerry

The new tom and Jerry movie was set to release in March - in line with this, big brands such as Tully's Coffee, Reebok and of course Bape jumped on board and got in on the action. A fun collection dropped a week before the movie premier, featuring a variety of tees, hoodies and caps. After seeing this, nostalgic childhood memories may come flooding back for some, while for other streetwear fans the pinnacle of Tom and Jerry's popularity may have been before their time for them to even know about the cartoon. Regardless, it's a cute little collab worth checking out. 

2021: BAPE X Pokemon 

After the success and demand of the 2020 collab, Bape came together once again with the manga/anime/game franchise for another capsule. 

2021: BAPE X Future

This year may just be the year of artist collabs - rapper Future partnered with Bape early 2021 for his own take on the Bapesta. A similar concept to the collaboration with Gunna, this pair is constructed from Patent leather with Black and white colouring and Future's label "Freebandz" eagle logo placed on the heel. Tees were also released, much like Gunna's collab. What are your thoughts on hip-hop and rap artists working with brands to create their own sneaker or design? 

2021: BAPE X Sesame Street

Two years on from the first collaborative drop, the two heavyweights in their respective industries joined forces in honor of Children's Day in Japan. For this reason, the collection only featured kid's clothing.

2021: BAPE X Suicoke 

If we have to be completely honest, many of BAPE's recently collaborations have been average at best. Whether you want to blame it on Nigo's departure from the brand in 2013, an oversaturated market where it's hard to be original, too many collaborations, collaborations with the wrong entities, or the creative team, it's safe to say we'd like to see something that makes us say "yes, that's it". This collaboration with Suicoke is one of those "yes" moments, where we see something real nice. The Suicoke "DAO" sandle is designed with a classic finish in Bape's 1st camo. As opposed to the ABC camo, this is more refined, subtle form of Bape camo, which is nice for a change. the upper of the sandle strap also features a pocket which you zip open to store small items. Hats off to Bape. Hats off to Suicoke. 

2021: BAPE x M&M's

One of the most iconic chocolate brands launched a collection with Bape in May, bringing us a range of very daring pieces in terms of design and colour. Corny? Fire? We'll leave that for you to decide.

2021: BAPE X Medicom Toy X Andy Warhol

The ABC Camo Banana Cushion is an interesting one, and we can see why there would be mixed opinions about it. The Andy Warhol design banana cushion released in 3 sizes - small, medium and large. The cover/skin can be peeled back to reveal an ABC camo cushion in the silhouette on a banana.  


2021: BAPE x New Balance

It's no secret that Bape have collaborated with footwear brands in the past such as Puma, Adidas and Asics. But with New Balance, it's a first. The popular New Balance 2002R was Bape-ified, featuring camo and the shark teeth motif on the back heel cup. The collection also featured a very clean jacket and shorts, hoodie and tee that even those who aren't Bape fans would appreciate. 

2021: BAPE X Adidas

February 27th marked the release of the Bape x Adidas Superstar "Multi Camo" and "White". Although the reception was good, it was nothing fans hadn't seen before. The classic Superstar silhouette wrapped in various colours of ABC Camo can be found on StockX floating at around $250USD ($350AUD).  


What are your thoughts on Bape teaming up with brands and franchises they have with in the past? We think as long as they bring out something new, it's cool. If it's a rinse and repeat of the same collab several years ago, the creative integrity of a brand becomes questionable. For this collab, it was more or less a similar collection, featuring tees with Baby Milo and Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty. Now, given that the first collab was back in 2010, this capsule gave people a chance to cop a design they didn't get the chance to 11 years ago. Or maybe people have been searching for items from the 2010 drop but can find them in the right size, condition, design etc. So having considered that, maybe a almost identical re-release is somewhat acceptable, especially if the first collab was an instant sell-out (which we assume was the case back in 2010, given the popularity of Bape at the time). 

2021: BAPE X KNC Beauty 

Something a little different this time, Bape paired up with the all natural lip mask brand KNC Beauty. Clearly for the ladies, this collection features KNC products all packaged in pink ABC Camo. 


This list will continue to be updated as A Bathing Ape pump out more collaborations in the coming years. Which collaborations are in your top 5? Let us know below! Obviously there have been some incredible, and not-so-tasteful ones over the years, but nonetheless we’re eagerly anticipating what the Japanese streetwear brand will have on offer next.