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Supreme was founded in 1994 by James Jebbia. Being a skater himself and having worked with Stussy and Eddie Cruz (who went on to create the brand Undefeated), Jebbia set out to create a brand that revolved around and encapsulated Skate culture at the time. Entering the first official store Supreme store in downtown Manhattan, customers would be welcomed into a unique interior layout - clothing arranged around the perimeter of the store with open space in the centre. This gave skaters with backpacks on, the freedom to shop for Supreme clothing in a less crowded, more convenient and appropriate environment. In 2004, the whole "skating in the shop" concept was taken one step further with the Supreme Fair Fax store in Los Angeles, featuring an indoor skate bowl. Fast forward to today and Supreme has a total of 10 store locations, 4 in USA, 6 in Japan, 1 in London and 1 in Paris. The brand has released a plethora of iconic pieces throughout its time, from the Supreme Box Logo Hoodies, Supreme Motion Logo T-shirts, as well as highly-sought after collaborations including: Supreme X North Face, Supreme X Louis Vuitton and multiple Supreme X Nike drops.

If there's a label that has dominated the streetwear game over the past decade, Supreme is it. While some believe the astronomically popular brand is grossly overrated, there's no denying that Supreme has done an ingenious job at creating and marketing apparel, accessories and novelty items (even bricks) across the globe. If you're on the hunt for Supreme Hoodies, T-shirts, shoulder bags, accessories and more, Top Floor Gallery is your go-to. Shop the Supreme sale now!

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