KAWS Companion 5th Anniversary Bearbrick 70%

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Size: approx 5cm in height (excluding strap)
Condition: 9/10

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– Great condition with no noticeable flaws

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– arms, legs and head can move
– Released in 2011

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Brian Donnelly, more commonly known as KAWS, is arguably one of the most influential contemporary artists of his generation. The Brooklyn Graffiti artist's unconventional illustrations caught the attention of gifted people alike - as KAWS went on to work with icons such as Nigo (founder of BAPE), Bounty Hunter and Futura 2000. Much of KAWS's art derives inspiration from beloved characters we have all come to love over the years - from Mickey Mouse to Cookie Monster, the Simpsons and Snoopy. This can be seen through his numerous toys such as Companion, BFF, Bendy and many more. In 2006, KAWS created a clothing brand known as OriginalFake, allowing people to rock his mesmerising illustrations on body. Sadly after a meager 7 years OriginalFake ceased operation. The good thing is, you can buy Original Fake clothing right here at Top Floor Gallery! Browse the range today.

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