How to Authenticate Gucci Bags | Full Guide to Real vs Fake Gucci

How to Authenticate Gucci Bags | Full Guide to Real vs Fake Gucci

How do you know if your Gucci Bag is real or fake? Authentic or a replica? Here at Top Floor Gallery, we stock a wide range of Designer brands including Gucci, with every single one of our items being 100% authentic – from shoulder bags to wallets, apparel, jewellery and accessories. That’s why we would like to provide everyone with a complete guide on distinguishing real Gucci from fake Gucci. 

It’s a good idea to keep this guide bookmarked to use as a reference in the future when trying to determine whether that Gucci bag you’re thinking of purchasing is authentic. Let’s get started.

We’ve broken down the things to look for into categories.


Gucci bags are generally primarily crafted from 1 of these 3 materials; canvas, leather and nylon. Canvas and Nylon bags also feature some leather, whether it’s the strap, lining, zipper pulls, embellishments or padding. Although there are are various patterns/motifs Gucci have used over the years, the ones you are most likely to come across are the following:

a) Gucci GG Canvas

The Gucci GG Canvas monogram pattern, established in the 60s, is arguably the most common. The majority of Gucci bags and wallets we sell here on Top Floor Gallery are either the black or brown GG canvas. There are a number of different colours including cream, grey, pink and green. It’s always a good idea to Google search “Gucci GG Canvas [colour]” and see if you come across that colour from a reputable seller/website. If you don’t find anything, don’t completely rule it out – but be skeptical, and take a look at some of the other elements to determine its authenticity.

This pattern is crafted out of durable woven canvas – it should have a slight rough texture and connected with a leather trim. If you don’t have the product in hand and thus can’t feel it, take a good look at the shape of the Gs and the number/shape/size of the 2 diamonds in between the GGs. The filling inside the two Gs should be slightly darker and have a slightly different texture.

a) Gucci Vintage Web

Created in the 1950’s, this red and green striped fabric is now synonymous with the Gucci brand. This signature look can be seen on Gucci handbags, tote bags, shoulder bags, wallets/purses, backpacks and more. The key point to focus on is the colours: The red and green are relatively dark. So is the blue on the navy and red vintage web. Take a look at the photos below and compare them to the Gucci item you’re looking at. Are the colours lighter? A different shade? 

c) Gucci GG Supreme  

The Gucci GG Supreme bags feature the same iconic GG patterning as the canvas bags, but are manufactured from leather instead. These bags will have a smoother texture, and cannot be found in as many colours as the canvas. 

d) Gucci GG Nylon 

Common with the modern releases, these Gucci bags feature the same GG motif as seen above, but crafted with a high quality, durable nylon material. As there is more flexibility and freedom with colour, you will find GG Nylon bags in a variety of different colours (as seen below). 

e) Gucci Guccissima  

Guccissima in Italian translates to the “most Gucci.” The Guccissima pattern features the iconic interlocking GG logo (seen on the GG canvas) debossed in 2006 by Frida Giannini, the creative director at the time. This stamped pattern featured on leather Gucci bags is seen on handbags such as the Hobo, Emily, Joy and the Margaux. The quality and appearance of the leather, as well as the shape of the Gs and square (as with the GG canvas) are things to pay attention to. When looking at the canvas, the left G should be regular, and the right G upside down. They should be very close, but not quite touching each other.

d) Gucci Microguccissima

This is a mini version of the Guccissima – all the same details seen in the standard Guccissima apply to this version.


e) Gucci Diamante

This diamante pattern was first woven onto hemp and used on luggage in the mid-1930s. What started as an innovative solution to pre-war leather shortages became Gucci’s first iconic print and precursor to the famous GG logo. Although the Diamante isn’t as ubiquitous as the GG, it can be found in a canvas and textured leather.

2. Inner tab/tag and serial number

Almost all Gucci bags will have a leather tab located at the top of the inside of the bag (along the inner stitching).
First thing’s first – the colour of the leather tab must match the colour of the leather on the bag. If it doesn’t, you’ve run into a fake Gucci bag. 
The leather tab should be a rectangular or square shape. Some will have straight corners while others will be slightly curved (see below). 

The front face of the leather tab is stamped with a ® trademark logo in the top centre, and “GUCCI” directly underneath in all capital/upper-case letters (BUT there are rare cases where the symbol is missing in authentic Gucci bags).

The lettering of the Gucci logo is identifiable with the following characteristics:

  • Rounded G, that almost looks like an O
  • Equal serifs in the font
  • The left side of the U will be thicker than the right side
  • The C’s are also very round like the G
  • Under GUCCI will read “made in italy” all in lower-case letters. People often become skeptical when they see the lower-case “i” for Italy, but rest assured that this is the way authentic Gucci bags are.

Gucci bags that date back to the 1980s have almost an oval shaped tab (see below). Notable in this decade was that the Gucci crest and the logo “Gucci Made in Italy ®” were stamped into the leather interior, or engraved on brass tags as seen below. In these cases, the Gucci Knight Crest can be seen on the left.

The back face of the leather tab will be stamped with the serial number. This is one of the best and easiest ways to determine the authenticity of the Gucci bag and distinguish real from fake. Try entering the number into Google images (remember to add a space if the numbers are broken up into clusters/rows) and see if the same bag appears from reputable websites and sellers. HOWEVER, simply because an image of the same bag appears, this doesn’t necessarily confirm its authenticity. The next step is paying close attention to the typography/font.

The numbers shouldn’t look too straight or too modern. 12345678 vs 12345678 (similar to Times New Roman compared to a font similar to Arial/Helvetica

Serial numbers can be anywhere from 10 to 13 digits, with most Gucci bags having two rows. Once again, the serial number on most bags from the pre-90s will be in a single row, often separated by debossed hyphens and periods.

Although there’s no general consensus about what the numbers actually mean, according to experts in the field, the top row may be the style number, and the bottom number may be a supplier or production code. The total number of digits will be between 10 and 13. There will never be any letters present – if the serial number is alpha-numerical you know for sure it is definitely a faux.

It’s also important to note that not all authentic Gucci bags have defined debossing on the leather due to the following reasons:

  • the material itself could be resistant to properly defined debossing (e.g. Pigskin)
  • A shallow-print resulting from the leather becoming worn and soft (commonly seen on GUCCI debossed zipper pulls)
  • Some bags from Gucci handbags outlets are made from excess materials, and thus had less stringent quality control in the manufacturing process
  • A bag even from a flagship store could have been deemed acceptable under inspection due to all other details being of acceptable standard. 

The leather tab is made from 2 pieces of leather – the edges of these are not stitched. Therefore, they tend separate overtime.

3. Papers and Dustbags

An important point to keep in mind when buying second hand Gucci items is; just because there is no authentication certificate, card, or receipt, you should not rule it out as being authentic. Many, if not most second hand Gucci will not come with these – that’s why being familiar with other aspects such as the serial number and lettering will provide you with a better indication.  

a) Controllato and Information Card 

Something known as a Controllato Card comes with every new Gucci bag.

Controllato means ‘checked’ in Italian – meaning the bag has completed the manufacturing process with its authenticity and quality verified. However, this does not guarantee its authenticity, as counterfeits can duplicate a simple paper tag. After all, very high quality replicas are produced by the day. Controllato cards will have the Gucci logo in the centre, ‘controllato below’ and a set of 10 numbers (1234567890) below that with single, even spaces.

In addition to the controllato card, an information card is also included with new Gucci bags. But as with Controllato cards, this can also be produced by counterfitters or be separated from the bag. Keep in mind that new bags (2016-) also have a label on the inside of the bag with a QR code. They can be found on a small black fabric loop inside the bag with the code printed clearly in white font, as well as a 10-digit code.

b) Dustbag

The Gucci dust bags are generally dark brown and feature the iconic GG motif. These dust bags are will have a silky smooth feel with a drawstring (the same colour as the dust bag) on both of the top corners. There will be a tag located on the inside (63% viscose/rayon and 37% polyester).

You may also come across dust bags that don’t feature the GG pattern, but simply the Gucci logo. The white dust bags, which are silky and smooth to the touch, will have a rectangular logo tag sewn on to the front (in the middle toward the lower half of the bag). The grains of fabric should be vertical with no stitching showing on the black tag. There should be a black draw string located on the top left corner.  

The dark brown and light brown dust bags will have a cotton feel to them, along with a lighter brown/gold “GUCCI” lettering either directly on the material. These dust bags will also have a drawstring (the same colour as the dust bag) on both of the top corners, like the GG dust bags

But remember – just because a bag comes with an authentic dust bag, that doesn’t guarantee its authenticity. This is especially the case when it comes to when purchasing off individual sellers on marketplaces such as eBay and Facebook. The dust bag may be authentic, but the bag itself may not be. Authentic dust bags can be purchased online for reasonable prices; some people may knowingly try to sell their fake Gucci bag as authentic, and use an authentic dust bag to try and fool buyers. 

Lastly, note that many second hand Gucci bags will not come with the dust bag, even if they are 100% authentic. So it’s best to also go off the other points we’ve provided. 

4. Hardware

Genuine Gucci bags feature high-quality hardware that is either gold plated or made of solid metal. Zippers, locks and other metal hardware will have a Gucci engraving that displays a high-quality finish with even spacing and proper font.

The hardware on authentic Gucci bags will be high quality with some weight to them, unlike replicas that tend to feel cheap and light. The hardware will also be either made of solid metal (and sometimes gold-plated) and never peel, whereas fakes will generally use softer metals and plastics.

In terms of engraving, you should see “GUCCI” engraved in the exact same font as the leather debossing. The letters should be clean, even and not blurry, as often seen with counterfeits. There are exceptions, as not all authentic Gucci bags will have the brand name engraved in the hardware. Some Gucci bags will also have GUCCI engraved on the underside of the zipper(s). Depending on the bag, zipper tabs can be metal, solid/hard plastic, or leather.

5. Stitching

Although it goes without saying, designer labels such as Gucci do not compromise on quality and precision. For this reason, the stitching on authentic Gucci bags will very rarely be uneven. The thread should also be the exact same colour as the bag itself. For example, if the bag is primarily a light brown canvas, the colour of the stitching should also be the same shade of light brown.

When it comes to brand new Gucci bags, all threads should be intact. However, second hand bags with significant use may feature some loose threads, which is to be expected. 

5. Outlet Items

Every now and again, you may come stumble upon a Gucci bag that has a capital G with a circle around it, to the left of the registered trademark R symbol OR a small hole punched through the leather tab (as seen below).

These are not fakes, but rather Gucci bags that were sold at an official Gucci Outlet store. Surprisingly, the brand has seasonal sales – the items that don’t sell move to the outlet stores. Some bags are also specifically made for the outlet (using excess leather and fabrics). These bags have a strict no refunds/returns policy – hence the circle hole or G for Gucci employees to be able to identify the bag as being an outlet item. Although fake outlet bags may be out there, we are yet to come across one. So we would say, whenever you see a Gucci bag with the circle hole or G, it’s most likely authentic. But it’s always worth checking other elements of the bag, as talked about above. 

So there you have it. Follow this guide and you should be able to distinguish a real Gucci bag from a fake one. We will be constantly updating this article to make it even more comprehensive, so we recommend keeping this page bookmarked

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